Partner with CAP

We are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. Working with the Church we bring good news, hope and freedom. We are Christians Against Poverty.

By partnering with CAP, your church can bring hope and salvation to those living in debt and poverty on your doorstep.

Combining CAP's expertise with the love and message of the Church gives a life transforming mix. Every year, our award winning CAP Debt Help services supports over 25,000 people on their journey to becoming debt free. The CAP Money Course is attended by around 10,000 people annually, making it the largest Christian financial education course in the UK. Because everything we do is in partnership with the Church, we see more than 500 people become Christians as they experience God's love through our work. 

Have a look around and see which of our projects ignite your passion to reach the broken and desperate people who live around you.