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CAP Group Services - partner with us

Thank you so much for considering opening a CAP Job Club or CAP Life Skills service at your church. You are joining a rapidly growing movement of people who are working together to tackle some of the biggest social problems facing us today. We are so excited for you to join us!

It’s really simple to get going with running a CAP group service. You will find everything you need to know below.

1. Speak to our Church Engagement team

We are available Monday to Friday to talk through what a CAP group service could look like in your church and how you will impact your community:

2. Conversation with the church leader to discuss and confirm partnership

It is important that the church leadership is supportive of a partnership with CAP and able to support and resource it. We need to talk to the church leader, confirm the partnership and discuss the ongoing relationship.

3. Send in your partnership documents

In our partnership pack you'll find all the information you'll need about setting up service, what you can expect of CAP Head Office and what we expect from your church.

You also need to start thinking and praying about who will be running the CAP group service in your church.

4. We invite group service manager applicants to attend a selection day at CAP.

We invite group service manager applicants to a selection day at CAP – our selection days are tailor made to allow our team and your candidate(s) to get to know one another better and to give them a taste for how CAP works. They are usually held at our head office in Bradford but there are regional options available. Our selection team will contact your candidate(s) to let them know which is the best option for them. 

We invite group service coach applicants to fill out an application form and then straight to our residential training held at our head office. 

You’ll find full details of our selection process in our application packs – available on request from our Church Engagement team.

5. Attend our two-day CAP group service training.

After a successful selection process, your Manager and Coaches will be invited to attend CAP group services training. Here, you will be equipped with everything you need to start a CAP Job Club or CAP Life Skills service at your church. There will also be the chance to meet and network with other trainees from across the UK, who share your heart and passion.

Then you’re ready to get started! You will be meeting a whole new group of people who you can share the love of God with in a practical way. 

Your church will need to be an evangelistic and discipling environment. Each week the CAP group service runs, you will see a group of people from outside the church come into the church community for practical help. Every meeting is an opportunity to encourage people into a relationship with Christ.

At this stage it’s also worth thinking about drawing together a team of volunteers to support your CAP group service with prayer. At CAP, prayer is at the core of all we do and we believe that it is a fantastic way for you to engage and update your congregation with how you’re getting on.

Our vision is to see nationwide coverage – a church in every town and city in the UK empowered to meet the need in their community. We're over half way there, can your church help fill the gap?

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