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For over 20 years, CAP has been providing free debt help in Scotland. CAP Scotland helps hundreds of people get out of debt every year, equipping them to withstand whatever storms may come their way in the future.

All CAP services are run through local churches. Our holistic, face-to-face approach means we can provide practical debt help and make sure you have a supportive community around you through whatever challenges you are facing. We will help find you the best route to get out of debt, and walk with you every step of the way.

Churches also partner with CAP to run local community groups that tackle poverty at the root. These include Job Clubs, Life Skills and CAP Money Courses.

Routes out of debt

There are many different routes to get out of debt. CAP’s specially trained Debt Advisors will walk you through all the suitable and recommended options to become debt free, based on your individual circumstances.

Debt Management Plan through CAP

CAP will set up payment arrangements with each of your creditors. You will make one single payment to CAP each month. We will distribute this between your creditors as agreed, repaying your debts over time.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

CAP can help you apply for a debt payment plan under a DAS. This is a statutory debt management plan set up by the Scottish government which allows you to repay your debts with a single monthly payment. A DAS also stops creditors from taking further action against you.

Full & Final Settlements

If you are able to sell any property you own, we can help see your debts settled using the money that this sale releases.


This is also known as bankruptcy, and results in your debts being written off. CAP will explain the consequences and help you through the whole process of preparing, completing and submitting an application.

Minimal Assets Process (MAP)

This is a version of bankruptcy, typically for those on benefits, or lower incomes, with relatively small amounts of debt. CAP will check that you qualify for this before helping you with the application and submitting it for you.

Protected Trust Deed

This is a legally binding agreement made between you and your creditors. You will agree to make regular payments for a fixed time, at the end of which your debts will be written off. CAP can assess if this is a suitable option and, if so, help you to contact an appropriate agency that can create this for you.

Meet the CAP Scotland team

Emma Jackson

National Director (Scotland)

Emma directs the work of CAP Scotland, building relationships with the third sector, statutory and Government agencies and churches. Emma represents CAP Scotland within the CAP UK leadership team, and oversees CAP's work across the Devolved Nations.

Charis Scott

Scotland Promotion and Engagement Manager

Charis promotes the work of CAP across Scotland, working with the media to share stories of lives that have been transformed through CAP. Charis also builds relationships with other organisations to establish referral pathways, ensuring that anyone who needs debt help knows where to find it.

Gordon Cheung

Scotland Team and Area Manager, West of Scotland

Gordon works with CAP Scotland partner churches to help support and grow their Debt Centres, Job Clubs and Life Skills groups, mainly in the west of Scotland.

Duncan Giles

Area Manager, East of Scotland

Duncan works with CAP Scotland partner churches to help support and grow their Debt Centres, Job Clubs and Life Skills groups across the east of Scotland, from the Lothians through Forth Valley, Fife, the Highlands and Aberdeenshire.

Chris Demetriou

Church Partnerships Manager

Chris helps raise awareness of CAP among the church community in Scotland. He works with churches that are thinking of partnering with CAP, helping them identify the right services for their community and understand what’s involved in running a CAP service

Abi Nelson

Scotland Funding Manager

Abi explores funding opportunities to strengthen and sustain the work of CAP Scotland. She builds relationships with CAP supporters and those in the third sector, and helps CAP Scotland partner churches to prepare grant and trust applications.

Working in partnership

We like to work collaboratively across the third sector in Scotland and are members of these organisations.

Poverty Alliance

The Poverty Alliance is Scotland’s anti-poverty network. They bring together campaigners and communities to rebalance the distribution of power and resources.

Go to Poverty Alliance


The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is the national membership organisation for the voluntary sector. They champion the sector, providing services and debating big issues.

Go to SCVO

Money Advice Scotland

Money Advice Scotland exists to help people in debt, support money advisors, and influence policy. Their goal is financial wellbeing for people in Scotland.

Go to Money Advice Scotland

Scottish Government

CAP Scotland are grateful to receive the support of the Scottish Government in resourcing our work both at a local and national level. Thanks to this support, CAP Scotland have been able to provide local Debt Centres with crucial funding, promote our service across Scotland and resource our in-house, dedicated Scotland Teams to bring hope to more families facing problem debt.

Go to Scottish Government

Get in touch

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