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You combine professionalism with compassion. So do we.


Scotland 20

You do poverty-focused policy. We do holistic poverty relief.
Together we’re changing lives across Scotland.

For 20 years, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has been providing free, award-winning debt counselling across Scotland. Like you, we seek justice for people trapped under the crushing weight of poverty and we’re proud to offer a service that’s professional, proven and compassionate.

We help hundreds of families in Scotland every year and we’re trusted in the financial industry. Having developed great relationships with creditors, we can ensure our clients are empowered to climb their way out of debt effectively and in a reasonable timeframe. Meanwhile, we’re committed to tackling the root causes of poverty through a range of expert community group services.

We know that for someone living in poverty, their financial situation is only the tip of the iceberg. Increasingly, it comes alongside complex challenges such as mental ill-health, bereavement and chronic isolation. That’s where our local partner churches come in. We have teams based all over Scotland who visit clients in their own home and provide the all-round support they need.

This holistic approach to debt relief was praised in Never just a number, a report from the Housing and Communities research team at London School of Economics (LSE). The team sought to examine the impact of our work and measure its social impact, concluding that the face-to-face nature makes a significant difference in the lives of those we work with.

We want to do more than fix the maths equation – we’re driven by compassion for the people we serve and we know, as MSPs, you are too.

While we care for the individuals and the circumstances they’re facing, we’re grateful that the Scottish Government is working extremely hard to ensure those trapped in poverty are prioritised in Scotland. Together, CAP and MSPs like you are vastly improving life for people in need across the country.



CAP Debt Help

Through a network of Debt Centres based in churches across Scotland, CAP visited over 500 households in 2019. We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA to provide debt advice, which is produced by highly trained caseworkers and explained face-to-face by a local Debt Coach.

We support clients seeking to repay their debt or pursue an insolvency option, and in cases where a solution isn’t immediately clear. We stay with them until they become debt free, providing ongoing support and handling all negotiations with creditors throughout. Our Debt Help service provides sustainable, long-term solutions, with 93% of our clients remaining free from problem debt.


Group services

Our group services address some of the most common causes of debt and poverty: unemployment, addiction, low income and difficulty budgeting.

Currently, there are 72 CAP Money Courses open in Scotland, providing vital money education and empowering delegates to become more financially resilient. In addition, CAP Job Clubs help people step confidently into employment, CAP Life Skills is for anyone facing the pressures of life on a low income, and Fresh Start helps those wanting to break free from life-controlling dependencies.

Three easy ways you can help

  1. Connect with us on social media and let your followers know about CAP’s work. Use #EndPovertyScotland and share a photo of your personalised jigsaw message.
  2. Contact your nearest CAP centre to arrange a visit and see for yourself what we do.
  3. Visit to find out more and read key reports about our work.

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