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Tell your church leader about CAP

If you'd like to let your church leader know about CAP we can send them the email below to let them know about the amazing work that we do and how we can work with your church.

Just fill in the form below and we will send them the email.

Dear Church Leader,

First off, can I say a huge well done and thank your for all you do as you lead your church. At CAP our heart and mission is to serve the church to reach the poor in their community with the good news. A great way to do this is use a CAP service - debt help, job clubs, release groups or life skills.

95% of church leaders who opened a CAP service said it had a good or great impact in helping the poor, 82% said it helped them see people come to Christ and 83% said it helped mobilise church members for mission.

Find out more about how we can serve your church. Request a call back from our Church Partnership team, they would love to hear about your church and discuss what service would be the best fit for you.

Request a call back by emailing

John Kirkby
Founder and International Director