Warm Welcome Spaces: churches help those hit by the cost of living crisis

A bright pink sign reads 'come in, we're open'
Claire Wong

Digital Content Producer

How churches are offering warm, safe spaces to their local communities. 

The cost of living crisis continues to worsen, and during the winter it can be especially tough. Yet, if you know where to look, all around the UK you’ll find people who care enough to take action, in a whole array of creative, practical ways. Today, we’d like to tell you about one of them. So if you want a heartening story of care and collaboration, look no further than Warm Welcome Spaces.

What are Warm Welcome Spaces?

As people face the highest energy bills they may have ever known, Warm Welcome Spaces are, quite literally, warm spaces where people can gather. It could be a church building that opens its doors during the week with the offer of somewhere to warm up, get a hot drink or charge your phone. These Warm Welcome Spaces offer a safe place to those facing fuel poverty, who may be struggling to heat their homes.

Christians Against Poverty partnered with the ChurchWorks Commission and a host of other organisations for the roll out of the Warm Welcome campaign, equipping churches and other community organisations to open their doors and create free, safe, warm and welcoming spaces. By working together, churches and local organisations all around the UK are pledging to create Warm Welcome Spaces so that no one is left in the cold.

We’ve long known that local churches play an essential role in the health and life of their communities. From food banks and debt coaching, to welcoming asylum seekers and running drop-in centres, it’s nothing new to see the local church responding to the current crisis with practical support and a good helping of compassion.

It’s genuinely amazing to see so many different organisations pitching in to help with the #WarmWelcome campaign – it’s sad that such a collective effort is needed, but so encouraging to see it up close. 

David Barclay, Partner at the Good Faith Partnership 

How can I get involved?

If all this has inspired you to get involved, or if you’re already running a space that fits the bill and want to partner with other community organisations and churches like yours, then head over to the Warm Welcome website where you can find out more and register to take part. You’ll find resources and advice on how to make the most of your space, so you can offer your community a truly warm welcome.