Kick Start

Kick Start is a free pick-and-mix video session resource for UK churches, designed to help your community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kick Start is a free resource available for UK churches to support your community in dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The nine video sessions provide a practical toolkit of tips and techniques to help people begin to take positive steps forward.

The sessions cover practical advice such as job searching skills, living well on a budget and dealing with worry & loss.

We’ve also included some resources to help churches facilitate conversations about faith and invite people, where appropriate, to engage in other church or community activities.

Once your church has signed up, you can access all nine sessions and decide which are most relevant to use in your local community. 

Kick Start is for anyone who may be feeling a little overwhelmed and wanting to get the wheels moving on their life again, especially if they find themselves in a situation they never expected to be in following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once your church has signed up for Kick Start, you will have access to the nine sessions as well as facilitator guides, evangelism top tips and a technical guide.

The sessions are designed to be pick-and-mix, you can use as many sessions as you feel are relevant to the needs of your community.

We recommend these resources are used in a small group setting (video or in person, maintaining all current COVID-19 guidelines at the time of use) where relationships can be formed and the right support given.

If you’re a church member, sign up for free here

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