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Policy and Government

At CAP, we have a vision to see an end to UK poverty. That’s why we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to shape and influence the policies that affect our clients. Through campaigns, petitions, conversations and research, we’re able to speak up about the kind of positive change we want to see in this country. And change is happening.

By re-imagining structures and systems to be fairer and kinder, we can see lives transformed. Below are some of the recent ways we’ve been seeking justice and meaningful impacts from key decision makers.

Latest updates

Warm Home Discount Scotland consultation response

calendar20 May 2022

CAP responded to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy's (BEIS) consultation about Scotland's Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme. CAP calls upon BEIS both to embrace the recent improvements to the WHD scheme in England and Wales, and to go further by providing additional support to suit the needs of people across Scotland. Read our full response below.

Read the full document here

Ofcom’s proposals to amend their guide on treating vulnerable customers fairly

calendar12 May 2022

CAP responded to Ofcom's consultation on their proposals to amend their guide on treating vulnerable customers fairly. The amendments will help to ensure that customers in debt or struggling to pay bills are treated fairly by communications providers. CAP broadly agrees with the proposals, but has given specific feedback on how the guide could be strengthened to better support customers struggling to engage with their provider. Read our full response below.

Read the full document here

The Utility Regulator Best Practice Framework Northern Ireland

calendar28 April 2022

CAP responded to the Utility Regulator’s consultation on their proposed Best Practice Framework. The framework establishes principles and measures for utility suppliers and distribution network operators in Northern Ireland with the aim of facilitating consistent and high quality support to consumers in vulnerable circumstances. CAP broadly supports the proposed principles and measures but offers insight into how the framework could be strengthened. CAP highlights the need for more flexibility to accommodate varying needs, as well as the need to signpost indebted consumers to trusted debt advice organisations. Read our full response below.

Read the full document here

Increasing access to Debt Relief Orders in Northern Ireland

calendar27 April 2022

CAP responded to the Department for the Economy’s consultation on the proposal to increase the eligibility limits under the Northern Ireland Debt Relief Order (DRO) scheme. CAP broadly supports the proposal for Northern Ireland to align with the rest of the DRO rules for England & Wales. CAP has, however, raised a number of practical concerns around the £30,000 limit, the asset limit, the £90 fee, and technical challenges that currently surround submitting DROs. Read our full response below.

Read the full document here

The impact of five years of the two-child limit policy

calendar06 April 2022

Under the two-child limit, parents are not entitled to any extra support through Universal Credit or Child Tax Credits to help with raising a third or subsequent child born after 6 April 2017. This means they lose out on up to £2,935 a year, and puts families’ budgets and mental wellbeing under enormous strain. Larger families are more likely to experience poverty and the two-child limit has been shown to have a negative impact on UK poverty levels. As a member of the All Kids Count coalition, CAP is calling upon the Government to consider the impacts of this policy on families across the UK.

Read the new report by the Child Poverty Action Group, Church of England, and the Benefit Changes and Larger Families project here.

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Introducing CAP's External Affairs team

Meet the team representing CAP and building relationships in the credit and debt advice industries, as well as the third sector and with the Government:

Gareth McNab
Director of External Affairs

Rachel Gregory
Social Policy Manager

Jonathan Shaw
Relationship Manager

Paul Walmsley
Relationship Manager

Helen Webb
Relationship Manager

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Relationship Manager