Donate the rebate

Female typing on laptop, sat in a coffee shop.
Alex Jones

Head of Fundraising and Supporter Development

Turning your £400 energy rebate into someone’s lifeline 

From October, all UK households will receive a £400 grant from the Government towards their winter energy bills, providing money off your energy bills, whether you need it or not. In England, Scotland and Wales, the money will be allocated in monthly instalments through energy companies. In Northern Ireland the scheme will grant the same amount of money to everyone, but the mechanisms are yet to be confirmed. 

In response, more and more CAP supporters are contacting us to donate their £400 rebate, with August’s announcement of an 80 percent increase in the energy price cap offering a spur to action. Before then we had already seen pleas for emergency help with energy support double.

Summer was tough, but for many people, just living this winter will cost them everything. They face living without heating, living without food, living without the basic necessities we all take for granted. 

Dad of two, Anthony, who went debt-free in 2019 through CAP’s support, recently told Radio 4 that he simply doesn’t know how he will cope this winter.

I have to prioritise my children as it’s important they have full bellies, even if I don’t. In 2019 I’d pay £30 a month for my energy, now we are looking at £200 to £300 per month. It’s difficult in those moments of darkness and loneliness when the kids are in bed. 


How to donate your rebate

It’s simple and easy to donate your rebate. You will receive your £400 in the form of reduced energy bills from October 2022 to March 2023. So, making an active decision to donate your rebate will simply require you to send a cheque or make an online donation to a charity of your choice.

Here is where you can find all the information about how to donate to CAP and help us help others this winter.