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Everything you need for your role on the National Speaker team. 

The work you put in as a CAP Speaker is invaluable. Every talk helps to spread the word about all that God is doing through CAP and the Church across this nation. You’re a voice for the voiceless, speaking up for the poor and bringing hope wherever you go. You’re amazing!

We know your time is precious and we want to make delivering a talk as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’ve put together these handy resources. From downloadable videos to training material and information on claiming expenses, you’ll find everything you need for your talk.

If it’s physical resources you’re looking for, you can order Life Changer forms, pens, and other resources for your stand at the online resource shop here.

If you’ve yet to log into the resource shop you can email [email protected] and we’d love to help you get set up. Please make sure you place your resource order at least a week before the date of your talk.

Can’t find what you need? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll sort you out.

And don’t forget to fill in this feedback form whenever you’ve finished a church talk!

Our latest resources

Danielle: Hi Speakers, so we have got some new, incredible resources with our updated branding on it. As you’ll have seen, we’ve got A story we can’t ignore’, and hopefully, yous’ll have had the opportunity to try those out in your church talks, and that they are being received well.

We have also got our new money coaching postcards. So somebody might be interested in being trained up as a Money Coach who’s in your audience, so they can take this card with them and either look us up on the website, or scan the QR code to find out more on how they can be trained.

Another thing we have is our cash gift envelope. Now this is really exciting and really handy to have, as we all at least get a fiver handed to us. And we can now put that fiver in the envelope and be like would you mind just filling in some details for us?’ and that’s really useful to have. And you can send this back as well, with your Life Changers, in your Freepost envelope.

The other exciting thing we have is our new Life Changer form, which has Melinda on it, with our updated church talk. Now the exciting thing about this form is that it has a perforated line, which means that they can take this bit hope and have information about CAP, and also spread that information on.

Another option we have is scanning the QR code and signing up there and then, but preferably we would like to fill the details in.

Now, we have got some new options on this. We have got a return address, we have got the option of one-off donation on it, and now as well this form has just been made simpler and cleaner by removing the postal address, cause that is something we can call up and get later, as we support our supporters.

So yeah, really simple. As always, just get them to fill in whether it’s monthly, one-off, or just wanting to stay up to date with CAP. So yeah. Hopefully you guys enjoy these new resources and that they go well for you, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

CAP Sunday and general talk resources

The current CAP Sunday/​general talk is based around the Compassion in Action framework and Melinda’s story. This is the primary talk for all CAP Sunday and general talks.

The talk is written as a framework’ rather than a script’. This will give you more freedom to make the talk your own by using personal stories and your own language.

You can find the talk framework, Melinda’s story video, and corresponding slides using the link below.

Launch talk resources

Money coaching launch

The default talk for a money coaching launch is the current CAP Sunday framework which includes a section to launch the church’s money coaching course. The video to use with this talk Syd’s Story’. You can find this talk in the section above (CAP Sunday & general talk resources).

In some instances, the church may want a very specific launch talk. In these cases please use the CAP£ Specific Launch’ framework and Tina’s Story’ video (there is also a powerpoint presentation to accompany, should you find this helpful).

Debt Centre launch

Here is the current framework and client storyteller video (Edith’s story) for all Debt Centre launch talks.

Life Skills launch

Here is the current framework and client storyteller video (Jenny’s story) for all Life Skills launch talks.

Job Club launch

Here is the current framework and client storyteller video (Ben’s story) for all Job Club launch talks.

Life Changer Ask

Training material

Here you can find all the tips, tricks and guides you need to be a great CAP speaker!

From how to book a talk, to how NOT to do a Life Changer ask, if you want to sharpen up your knowledge as a speaker then here’s the information you need. 

Make sure to check back in regularly as we will continue to add new guides, training videos and helpful information, so you can continue to improve your speaking skills.

Visual aid guidelines
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Impact statements
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Training day itinerary
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Physical resources

Running a great stand after the service is just as important as your talk itself. Make sure you have all the physical resources you need by checking these guides. 

Remember to order your free resources here.

Please note: we usually dispatch resources two weeks before the talk being ordered for.

CAP brochures

These are the latest CAP service brochures that provide practical information about how a church can run a CAP service. Feel free to use these for your own reference, or for sharing with churches where appropriate.

Claiming expenses

Volunteer expenses form
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Mileage form
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